Room Additions

room additions

Room Additions – Sunrooms

A properly designed and constructed room addition adds value to your home. We design, plan, and execute great room additions, especially sunrooms! Look at some of the great ideas that we have incorporated at Houzz.

Room Additions involve digging and pouring a foundation or foundation and pad. We expect to relocate utilities or add utilities for the new space. Roof lines, exterior finish, decks and landscaping are designed to match the existing lines and finishes of your home. Existing hvac capabilities are evaluated and upgraded if necessary. Both cooling and heating loads are considered as a part of design. We prefer to add a new fireplace in additions to offset additional heating loads. Additional cooling loads can be incidental and have low impact on the existing cooling system by using highly efficient building insulation, doors and windows.

Ceiling fans and integrated ventilation systems also offset cooling loads. We recommend adding as much window coverage as thermal efficiency will allow. If there are minimal privacy issues to address, windows open up your space and allow year round enjoyment of your property’s exterior features. Our sun room additions can be enjoyed year round and provide an effective method to store valuable greenery during the winter.

Before and after of a recent sunroom

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